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my tearful gratitude

So, my birthday is the week before Christmas, and I'm the oldest child. Which means my birthdays have pretty much always been backseated and underattended. Today was no exception; I had to work a ten hour shift at my horrible job, which should be illegal or something, seriously, and my family celebrated with Chinese takeout.

And then all of this was brought to my attention, and, I. Just. It is absolutely shocking to know that so many people that I admire and adore would go through all this trouble just for me. And, as always, I feel so humbled and blessed and surprised that I have such kind and thoughtful and engaging and wonderful friends, and I'm not sure what I've done to deserve you but thank you.

And when I stop crying, I intend to leave more detailed and coherent responses to all the wonderful that you've brought me today, but right now. Um. Yeah. Tears.

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